Feedback report for the 24TH Governing Council Meeting – 24 May 2019, (Botswana)


This report provides an overview of the progress made by the WCO ESA Region – Regional Private Sector Group (ESA-RPSG), as communicated at the 24th Governing Council Meeting held in Gaborone, Botswana on May 24, 2019. 

The metaphor of building a safe house for its occupants was used to draw similarities to establishing the ESA-RPSG.  A picture-style presentation with the theme of building a house from its foundations, through reading the plans,  providing a communication platform and sourcing building materials within a timeframe illustrated the progress required for the formation of the ESA-RPSG,  its working mechanism and the progress to date.  The ESA-RPSG key aspects in its building of a “house” or as the journey unfolds has Customs Administration and Trade related issues at the centre or foundation which is  addressed within the regional context covering Customs-to-Customs collaboration, Customs-to-Business strengthening in the AEO programs, bond guarantees for cross- border movement, ease of doing business and the mandate of the region.