Minutes of Meeting 4th Webinar – 15 August – 10H00 TO 12H00 (CAT; UCT +02:00)


The meeting opened by welcoming all participants to the Webinar. The following participants were present:

  • John Mumba (JM) – Zambia & ZCFAA
  • Larry Liza (LL) – Kenya & WCO – ESA ROCB
  • Faith Mosongo (FM) –  Kenya & WCO – ESA ROCB
  • Louise Wigget (LW) – South Africa, Swaziland & GTS
  • Jacob van Rensburg (JvR) – South Africa, SAAFF

Background was provided as to the purpose of the meeting, the formation of the WCO – ESA – RPSG (Regional Private Sector Group), as well as the terms of reference sent out to participants. The progress report sent out to the participants was also mentioned.