Progress Report – September 2019


This report provides an overview of the progress made by the WCO ESA Region – Regional Private Sector Group (RPSG) since its formation at the end of 2018. From the perspective of the ESA-RPSG, key aspects concerning Customs Administration and Trade related issues being addressed within the region include Customs-to-Customs collaboration, AEO programs, Bond guarantees, Ease of doing business and the mandate of the region.

This report is the second of its kind. Future reports on the progress of the region will be published and made available on the WCO ESA ROCB Website.

A note on the ESA-RPSG:

The ESA-RPSG was formed for the purpose of verifying the implementation, monitoring and assistance of various instruments in the WCO Toolkit that will make trade easier without comprising or imposing a higher risk profile. This will also allow Private Sector to better articulate their challenges in regional integration and possible solutions for addressing the known obstacles effectively and create a safe, fair and compliant environment for all. (Special note: Country specific issues are outside the scope of the ESA-RPSG).