Report – 15th Webinar – 20 April 2023, 14h00 to 15h30 (CAT; UCT +0200)



A common theme in the 21st Century has been converting information from a physical format into a digital one. The same is true for customs and trade-related matters, in that cross-border trade can now occur with fewer documents and procedures than ever. Indeed, information sharing can now occur at the touch of a button – connecting many different role players from all levels throughout the supply chain.

Unfortunately, the level of digitalization and connectivity is not yet uniform across the region. Therefore, this webinar will shed some light on some lessons learned, as well as share some success stories on digitalization and connectivity in the ESA region.

The 90-minute webinar brings together expert speakers to discuss several key topics surrounding the topic of digitalization and connectivity in the ESA region. The proposed speaker program is as follows:


14h00–14h05Welcoming and housekeepingDr Juanita Maree Chair, WCO ESA RPSG
14h05–14h25Zambian trade facilitation measures: Streamlining borders through coordinationPatricia MwelaZambia, NTFC, Ministry of Commerce & Industry
14h25-15h00Connecting Customs to Business through DigitalizationRajnish Hawabhay (MNS) Charansingh Dabeesing (MACCS) & Afzal Delbar (CHBA)
15h00–15h20Global Standards for a Connected World: Enhancing Digitalization and Interconnectivity in Customs and TradeChristian Lembke
WCO, Technical Attaché
15h20-15h30Question & Answer Session
ClosureClosing remarksLarry Liza Director WCO-ESA-ROCB

The presentations to the webinar are available here: